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About Us
  > Date of Incorporation:  2011
  > Head Count:  1,000
  > Factory area:  26,000 square meters
  > Head Office:  Taoyuan, Taiwan
  > Production Basement:  Kunshan, Shanghai
  > Business Operation: 
PC/mobile phone/industry/automotive, connector and cable, Tooling, automation equipment and other products and parts.
  > ISO Certification: ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:1996,ISO/TS16949
  > Drapho Electronics Technology Co., Ltd was fully invested by High Star Company as well as a subsidiary of Sixxon Group. who is proceeding with businesses specializing in offering comprehensive connector solutions for a wide array of electronic applications. Sixxon was founded in 1986 and has more than 35 years’ cooperating experience with OEM. It has been dedicated in the production of high precision machinery and car parts, including stamping, precision jigs, and fixed appliances. In 2007 Drapho started investing connector mold parts’ processing and production.  In the year of 2011 Drapho (Kunshan) Technology was formally established.
  > 1980  -- Sixxon(Taiwan) Precision Machinery Co., Ltd
  > 1987  -- Global-PMX Co., Ltd Taiwan/Dongguan / Jiashan 
  > 1990  -- Global-Thaixon(Thailand) Precision Industry Co., Ltd
  > 2003  -- Sixxon-Tek Co., Ltd Taiwan/Kunshan/Xiamen
  > 2007  -- Sixxon-Tek Drapho Tooling and Component Manufacturing Department Co., Ltd
  > 2011  -- Drapho (Kunshan) Technology Co., Ltd
   We have advanced manufacturing equipment and professional R&D team. We highly focus on the product research and development. We continuously pursue new innovation and technology.  Now Drapho has a number of domestic and foreign patents also it has become a new and high tech enterprise of Jiangsu Province. Gradually we form a sound developmental system of Product designing, simulation analyzing, tooling development, part production and products assembling. We also offer a complete end-to-end solution to our customers. At the same time global distribution of our offices help us offering timely supply and technical service to our customers.